Slope soaring on the Malverns

For public and air safety reasons, we fly only at the Northern end of the Malvern Hills using Table Hill or North Hill by agreement with the Malvern Hills Conservators and the local Hang Gliding club.

Parking is on the public road leading to the Hills named "Westminster Bank" or on the adjacent B4232 - the "West Malvern Road" in the area of West Malvern Church and The ELIM Centre or on the Mathon Road opposite Westminster Bank. Please do not park on the driveways or beyond the Conservators notices restricting wheeled access on to the hills.

We suggest you click the link to the map. Drive to West Malvern on the orange road. The church is shown as a black square with a cross on top.

The way to Table Hill is from the top end of Westminster Bank. Take the path round to your left heading North and follow this around in a big circle for about half a mile with the hills on your right until you reach a flat top overlooking West and where you have come from. This is Table Hill which has good slopes for South West to North West winds and a flat landing area into wind. To the East is North Hill which has good slopes for North to South East winds but slopeside landings are necessary.

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