1. Name and Objects.
    The Club shall be called the Malvern Soaring Association. The object of the Club is to promote all aspects of non-powered flight, and electric powered models where the primary purpose is soaring flight.
  2. Membership.
    Membership of the Club shall consist of three classes :-
    1. Senior Members (18 years of age and over);
    2. Junior members (under 18 years of age);
    3. Honorary Life Members (non-voting) on recommendation of the committee.
  3. Election of members.
    Any person may apply to become a member.
  4. Privileges and Restrictions.
    All members shall be entitled to enjoy the full facilities of the club as provided by its various activities, but must comply with the rules and "Code of Practice" of the Club, the BMFA Safety Code, the BMFA policy, procedures and guidelines relating to the care and welfare of children and vulnerable adults, the CAA regulations and the byelaws of the Malvern Hills Trust. Third party insurance cover is mandatory for each member when flying a model.
  5. Suspension or Expulsion.
    The committee shall have the power to fix a period of suspension, or to terminate membership. A person whose membership has been suspended or terminated shall have the right of appeal to a general meeting of the Club.
  6. Lapse of Membership.
    If any member of the Club fails to pay his or her subscription within three months of it being due, membership shall cease, together with privileges attaching thereto. Subscriptions are payable annually in advance.
  7. Annual Subscriptions.
    Subscriptions, payable in accordance with rule 6, shall be fixed annually at a rate to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Officers of the Club.
    Officers shall be:- The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer, The Competition Secretary, The Membership Secretary, The Junior Member, The General Member, The Safety Adviser. All retiring committee members shall be eligible for re-election.
  9. Auditor
    An Auditor shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. He shall hold no other Club office and shall not be a member of the committee. He shall audit the accounts of the club. 
  10. Government of the Club.
    1. The Club shall be governed by a committee consisting of the officers (see rule 8);
    2. The officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting;
    3. Not less than four members shall constitute a quorum;
    4. In the case of a vacancy or vacancies occurring on the committee, these shall be filled by an election held at the next regular meeting of the Club. Members thus elected shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting;
    5. The Club shall convene a meeting for all members on a regular basis;
    6. At all meetings the Chairman shall only have a casting vote;
    7. All withdrawals on the Club bank account shall be inspected at random by either the Treasurer, The Secretary or the Chairman;
    8. A register of members shall be kept by the Membership Secretary.
  11. General Meeting.
    A General Meeting of the Club shall be convened annually for the purposes of receiving reports from the officers of the Club, statement of accounts and any other business normally conducted at a General Meeting. All items to be discussed must appear on the Agenda for such a meeting and be available to members not later than the previous meeting or a minimum of one month before.
  12. Extraordinary General Meeting.
    An extraordinary meeting shall be called:-
    1. On receipt by the Secretary of a petition signed by not less than 20% of the full membership.
    2. To deal with any emergency that may arise and which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Club, should be referred to a General Meeting.
  13. Alteration of the Rules.
    The rules shall not be altered or added to unless approved by a two-thirds majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting or canvass by email or post.
  14. The Club Year.
    The Club year shall commence on the 1st January each year.
  15. Dissolution of the Club.
    On dissolution of the Club, all assets will be divided up and shared equally between all fully paid up members of the Club at the time of the dissolution.

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