1. The examination for a 'B' Certificate may be taken on application to a Registered Examiner. The examination may be carried out by:
    1. Two Registered Examiners (the 'lead' must be a Silent Flight Examiner).
    2. A Silent Flight Chief Examiner
  2. If your club does not have any Registered Silent Flight Examiners you should contact your local Area Achievement Scheme Co-ordinator who will be able to help. Names and telephone numbers of Achievement Scheme Co-ordinators are available from your Area Secretary or from the BMFA Leicester office.
  3. The candidate must successfully carry out the following flying test:
    1. Carry out pre-flight checks as required by the BMFA Safety Codes.
    2. Launch the model, gain height and complete one horizontal circuit (either left or right hand) in front of the pilot.
    3. Fly a horizontal figure eight with the crossover point in front of the pilot
    4. Fly two consecutive loops across wind.
    5. Fly crosswind left to right and complete a stall turn away from the slope.
    6. Fly crosswind right to left and complete a stall turn away from the slope.
    7. Complete 10 seconds straight and level inverted flight across wind.
    8. Perform one axial roll across wind, either from the left or right.
    9. Perform one axial roll across wind in the opposite direction to (h), rotating in the opposite direction to (h).
    10. Perform a three turn spin with exit in the same direction as the entry.
    11. Fly a left hand rectangular landing approach and overshoot.
    12. Fly a right hand rectangular landing approach and overshoot.
    13. Fly a rectangular landing approach either left or right hand and land within 15 metres of a pre- determined spot
    14. Remove model from landing area.
    15. Complete post-flight checks required by the BMFA Safety Codes.
  4. If the geography of the slope and/or safety procedures in force only allow landings and overshoots from one direction then (k) or (l) may be modified at the discretion of the Examiner and flown as a rectangular circuit out from the slope, opposite hand to the required landing circuit.
  5. All manoeuvres except the overshoots and landing must be carried out in front of the slope.
  6. The above schedule is treated as one test flight and must be completed in one attempt. Two attempts per examination will be allowed in anyone day.
  7. In addition to the flying schedule, the candidate must answer satisfactorily a minimum of eight questions on safety matters, based on the BMFA Guidelines and Safety Codes for Model Flying, the Safety Code for Model Flying Displays and local flying rules.

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